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The Self Help Community Centre (SHCC) is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) that provides a safe environment for over 1500 disadvantaged children and young adults in the Kro Bei Riel Community, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The SHCC offers educational and vocational opportunities including English classes, Kindergarten classes, Social Work, Organic Farming, Arts and Crafts, Sports Education, Education on Hygiene, Nutrition and Environmental Issues.

SHCC is a leader in providing sustainable development which directly benefits its community through educating younger generations now and supporting children and their families to become self-sufficient and sustainable in the future. This includes addressing issues such as lack of education, lack of clean water and health care, poverty, environmental issues, social issues and unemployment. Our aim is to involve the individual communities through a community committee and gradually roll out the projects in the respective villages to improve the quality of life and prosperity for our residents.

The SHCC works through an empowerment model at the grassroots level, which maintains all paid employers, are native Cambodians. The SHCC relies solely on donations and funding from International contributors and supporters from all around the world and ensure that 100% of any funding is returned directly into SHCC, its projects and the community.

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Community Overview

SHCC is located in and services the community of Kro Bei Riel Community, which is a rural community on the outskirts of Siem Reap. Made up of 12 villages, it has 8216 residents. Kro Bei Riel is predominantly an agricultural community, based on rice and vegetable farming and small scale animal husbandry.



Once a strong hold of the Khmer Rouge. Kro Bei Riel like many other rural communities in Cambodia is still overcoming the toll the civil war took. Members of the Community experience significant poverty and hardship on a daily basis. Some of the major challenges faced by families in the Kro Bei Riel Community are - no running water or electricity, impermanant housing, family violence, alcoholism, trafficking, sickness and disease, poor hygiene and nutrition. Lack of employment, sustainability for farming, waste management and community development. For these reasons, families are unable to provide an education and opportunities for their children. When families struggle to provide the basic necessities such as food, clean water, shelter and clothing, education is understandably not such a priority, rather seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. However at SHCC, we believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and moving towards a self sufficient community.

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