Community Development

SHCC undertakes significant community development work on a regular basis. Aside from our Social Work outreach programme, community events and Youth Development activities. Over the past 5 years we have built 7 new houses, reconstructed 25 and made improvements to another 72, constructed a micro community. Provided clean water to all scholarship students and their families. Built two community resource buildings, provided flood relief to those devastated by the wet season floods, rebuilt roads, bridges and replanted farms and constructed over 80 rubbish bins.

Every Sunday staff and the Youth development programme undertake community work to improve their community, the tasks differ each week depending on what the community needs most at the time.

Social Work

Through our Youth Development programme and as part of our community development work we offer outreach Social Work. This involves educating our students and the wider community in three main areas –

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Money Management & self sufficiency
  • Life Skills, Hygiene & Nutrition

Some of the tasks we undertake as part of this programme are –

  • Home visits to students and their families offering support and guidance in the areas they need assistance in
    Education in hygiene, health and nutrition
  • Community days or events with specific themes whether health, first aid or environmental issues.
  • Recycling projects and clean up days throughout the village
  • Support and start up assistance in new sustainable and environmentally friendly profit making ventures for families
  • Team building training and Problem solving skills
  • General guidance

Through the Social Work Project, the SHCC expect the following to be achieved –

  • To provide continual education on environmental awareness and create a cleaner and safer environment and community
  • For the children at SHCC to become independent and confident in making good life choices 
  • To assist the families of the children attending the SHCC to acquire the knowledge to improve their environment and living conditions 
  • To improve the students personal hygiene and provide them with education on the importance of nutrition and how they can improve their health
  • Create an appreciation amongst the students at SHCC for income and improve their money management skills
  • To unite and foster pride within the Community of Kro Bei Riel
  • For the Kro Bei Riel Community to move towards becoming self-sufficient and sustainable
  • To work towards ending poverty and hunger within the Kro Bei Riel Community through education and empowering the members of the community to sustain their own livelihoods.
  • For the funding for this project to enable all the Social Work teachers at SHCC to attend University or High
  • School to gain a higher education
  • Improve the understanding of the importance of education, the environment, money management and health.

Youth Development Programme

The Youth Development Programme is run for students in grades 10 -12 who wish to be involved in community initiatives and in creating a more self-sufficient community.

These students volunteer their time to help us provide education and home visits to SHCC students and their families, they assist us with our community work projects, projects associated with sustainability, and act as representatives for each of the villages we service and role models for our younger students.

In return for their hard work they are supported to attend State high school classes, aswell as given the opportunity to select a subject they would like to be involved in and learn more about and we then assist them to do so. Aside from academic activities, the YDC programme at SHCC teaches these students team building skills, first aid skills, education in money management, health and hygiene and environmental awareness.

As part of this programme they learn valuable leadership, life skills and social work skills, through regular activities and workshops we hold throughout the year. These students are leaders at SHCC, they are role models for their fellow students and the wider community. This programme encourages empowerment and everyone working together for the benefit of the community.


youth development programme

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