Fundraising on behalf of SHCC

We greatly appreciate any fundraising efforts on behalf of SHCC. Past and present volunteers have held very successful fundraisers either prior to coming to visit us or once they have returned home.

We will support you in whatever way possible, whether by giving ideas, advice, supplying any required documentation and/or photographs and corresponding with you along the way. Please contact Joni for further information of fundraising on behalf of SHCC.

Previous successful events have included:

  • Auctions
  • Presentations
  • Bake Sale
  • Bingo or Quiz Night
  • Clean Up Day
  • Fun Run
  • Karaoke night
  • Carwash
  • Clean Up Day
  • Fun Run
  • Golf Fundraiser
  • Mufti day in the office
  • Raffle
  • Movie Night
  • Mystery dinner night
  • Sports Day
  • Wine Tasting Night

Transfer options for fundraising efforts

Online Payment Gaway

'SHCC is a registered charity in New Zealand therefore NZ donations can receive tax deductibility and should therefore be sent through the online payment gateway, there are no transaction fees for this method of transfer - 100% of the donation will get to SHCC. All international transfers by this method will not incur transfer fees however donations from outside of NZ will not be exempt from tax.
Link –">

Rotary International Donations

SHCC has partnered with Rotary Australia which now allows any donations made to SHCC through Rotary to be exempt from tax. This is also a straight forward method of transferring but does incur a 3% Rotarian fee and a $5 transfer fee. But is well worth it for Australian residents as in the long run it saves you money as you are able to claim back tax on your donation. For details on how to use this method please contact Joni directly.

Western Union

We are able to accept donations through Western Union wire transfers, however please be aware there is a fee for this service of between $20 - $40 USD.
Further details are available on our DONATE NOW page

Pay Pal

Unfortunately SHCC is unable to have a PayPal account due to restrictions imposed on Cambodian banks by PayPal.

International Transfers

Please be advised that for payment direct into the SHCC Cambodian bank account you will be liable for transfer fees, subject to your country and bank, to send your donation to the SHCC bank account. In addition, a $20 fee is imposed by SHCC’s bank in Cambodia. For bank account and transfer details please contact Joni directly.

Depending on your location there are other methods of transfer available, to discuss which is easiest and most cost effective for you please contact Joni – or

Fundraising on behalf of SHCC

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