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SHCC was first established in December 2007 by founding Director Choan Sambat. The original centre consisted of three small makeshift classrooms constructed of wood and bamboo with dirt floors on a small plot of leased land.

When SHCC began to formally take registrations from children in the community in December 2007, over 250 children expressed interest and it was immediately obvious that the grounds and classrooms were at full capacity. In 2008, SHCC received much needed international assistance through a fundraising effort to secure funds to satisfy the needs of the rapidly growing school. These funds assisted in the construction of three concrete classrooms, an office, general room and toilets. In 2009, gardens and a pond were also constructed on the newly secured larger plot of land on a long term lease, the construction of a further two classrooms followed which became the Kindergarten. In 2010, came the implementation of the farming project and also the installation of two water pumps. Then after securing further funding in 2011, the school was able to expand further by building an Arts and Crafts building and also opening a second SHCC campus in a neighbouring village. In late 2011 SHCC commenced community development projects and implemented a Social Work department. In 2012 extensive construction was undertaken at the main SHCC location, several new buildings were constructed including an Educational Resource Office and Vocational Training Building.

The land SHCC is built on is on a long term lease, meaning the future of SHCC has not always been certain. However in late 2012, with a lot of hard work and the assistance of long term sponsors one hectare of land surrounding SHCC was purchased. Not only securing the future of SHCC but allowing further expansion, including construction of a football pitch, volleyball court and basketball court aswell as providing additional opportunities for the organic farming projects. In 2013, construction of a micro community began on the remainder of the purchased land. The micro community is a replica of the ‘Kro Bei Riel’ commune and will act as a model of what healthy, productive and self - sufficient homes and farms should look like. These 12 homes in the micro community also double as classrooms for the ever expanding SHCC role, aswell as kitchens to feed the staff and students and also a place for upto 40 students to live.

In early 2015, after another fundraising effort, SHCC secured further land at the back of the current SHCC plot. Here we plan to expand our farming project, increase the size of our football pitch and build a high school, so that our Grade 7 - 12 students no longer have to pay to attend high school or travel into the city to complete their State schooling.

Since opening in December 2007, SHCC has flourished and now has a role of 1440 students. SHCC has achieved remarkable things in its short history and its future is bright with many new and exciting projects planned. Under Sambat’s guidance SHCC will continue to thrive and succeed. None of this would have been possible had it not been for his foresight, selflessness, determination, dedication and perseverance. He saw a need, wanted to make a change and committed himself to the challenge of uniting his community and improving the future of children living in rural Cambodia.

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