Sambat Chourm

Founding Director

My name is Sambat and I am the Founding Director of SHCC. I live in Totea Village, Kro Bei Riel Community where SHCC is based. I was born and raised in this community.

Like many Cambodians I had a very difficult childhood. My family was very poor just surviving was difficult, so paying for school fees and resources was not a priority, therefore none of my family members were able to get an education. My parents were farmers and had 6 children to support which was a struggle. Therefore I needed to earn my own money to support myself through Primary and Secondary School. Throughout the first years of my employment after completing my study I had many different jobs around Siem Reap to earn money to survive. During the time when work was rare I spent some time in a Pagoda as a temple boy cooking and collecting firewood for the Monks. Later, I found work in various areas, hotels, laundries, driving a tuk tuk, cleaning cars, selling balloons and laboring, I worked hard to save money, often working 3 or 4 jobs at once.

I knew that the children back in my community were struggling and I decided that when I had enough money, I would open a School and Community Centre to help bring about change and provide opportunities for the children of my Community, so they had opportunities unlike I did. In December 2007, I started the SHCC and I am very lucky that we have received so much community and international support to keep our school moving forward in providing opportunities to the children and youth of Kro Bei Riel. For more background information on how SHCC began visit the page ‘Our Story’ on our website.


Vita LA

Deputy Director

My name is Vita, I am 27 years old. I come from Trapeangveng village, there are six in my family. Last year I completed a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Marketing Management) and I am currently learning Spanish.

I have worked at SHCC for almost 6 years, first as a social worker, then as Head of Finance and Acccounts, then in March 2015 I was promoted to Deputy Director. Working at SHCC makes me so happy because everyday I can be part of helping the children in my community receive an education and improve their lives. I just really like helping my community and SHCC is like a family to me.

In the future I hope that SHCC can continue to help and provide free education to the children and Youth in Kro Bei Riel, especially education on social work and looking after the environment.

I really hope we can all continue to work together to better develope our community and environment. We are all one and together we can do anything.


Phanith Yean

Community Development/Community Liaison/HR

My name is Phanith, I am 33 years old. I come from Popis Village and am married with 3 children. I am currently studying Human Resource Management at University, I study in the evening.

I have been working at SHCC for more than 3 years now, I look after Human Resources at SHCC aswell as overseeing community development initiatives, such as construction projects, social work, youth development programmes, scholarship outreach work, workshops and community events. I also act as the community liaison.

My favourite part of my job at SHCC is the social work and outreach work, aswell as the community liaison work as I enjoy spending time in the community and improving the communication and co-operation between community members at all levels.

My hope for the future is that the community will continue to improve with more education and opportunities. I want to see my community become self-sufficient and SHCC and it’s projects sustainable.


Phone Mab

Head of Education

My name is Mab, I am 26 years old. I come from Totea Village, there are 7 people in my family. Last year I completed a Bachelor of Education (majoring in teaching English as a Foreign Language).

I have been working at SHCC for almost 7 years. Kro Bei Riel is my homeland and I want to help my community, help to improve it and give the children of my community the opportunity to gain an education. Every child should have the equal opportunity of education regardless of their background or families wealth. They should also have the opportunity to be children and be able to interact with children their own age outside their families or neighbours.

In the future I hope to see the number of children attending school and receiving an education continue to increase and students moving onto higher education and better careers.

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