Child Development Scholarship Overview


The Child Development Scholarship provides financial assistance to at risk children. These children come from particularly poor backgrounds, without these scholarships there would be no possibility of education for them. Everyone of the children has a different story but each one of them have been victims of particularly bad circumstances and all have been used for child labour at some point. Many have lost or been abandoned by their parents so are living with either extended family or at SHCC. Having enough food to eat, clean clothes and a home have been a challenge for these students, let alone having an opportunity to attend school. School is simply not an option for them without these scholarships.

Obviously SHCC is free for them to attend and here they study English and whatever vocational classes they choose, aswell as receive extra tuition. But they also need to attend State High School to study Khmer, Maths and Science etc, to gain their high school certificate, and this costs money. So the scholarship covers the following - State school fees and exam fees, uniforms, shoes, bags, books, stationary, a bicycle and helmet, health care and also a small family allowance to assist with whatever maybe needed in the home, often helping with making improvements or fixing run down homes or perhaps the purchase of chickens/ducks, vegetable seeds or other items they can farm to assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

If you are interested in sponsoring a CDC scholarship student, please contact Joni by emailing her at or

University Scholarship Overview

To provide the best possible education to the students of SHCC and to assist in the development and ongoing education of our teachers SHCC hopes to provide our volunteer teachers and high school graduates with the opportunity of a higher education, which otherwise they would not have, due to a lack of financing. So far we have helped 18 staff to attend and graduate University. This year we now have 6 more staff or graduates studying at University here in SIem Reap and 3 more graduates studying on SHCC scholarships to become nurses in Phnom Pehn.

The ‘Sponsor a Class or Grade Project’ gives donors an opportunity to contribute to an individual teachers tertiary education while also helping meet the educational needs of hundreds of students whom this teacher will educate at SHCC. The nursing scholarships due to the cost are run as a separate programme and are funded solely by international contributions and fundraising efforts.

In Siem Reap University study is undertaken from Monday through to Saturday for three hours a day. These University students continue to work in their chosen department at SHCC for the remainder of the week.
Due to the time commitment this involves (6 days a week from 7am until 9pm, not including their personal study time) it is impossible for these students to find jobs to assist with living costs, so aswell as the sponsorship for tuition and university fees, our sponsorship package includes a basic living allowance (for transportation costs and course related costs such as textbooks).

The Nursing Scholarship in Phnom Pehn is very different, not only is the commitment greater for the students in terms of study time, but the tuition and university fees are obviously higher and the living costs of the students must be covered for the entire year. Hence why this is run as a separate programme.

If you are interested in contributing to either of these projects please contact Joni by emailing her at or

Objectives of the University Scholarship Programme:

  • To provide our hard working teachers and high school graduates with a higher education, which will allow them to go onto a prosperous future full of opportunities, which they otherwise would not have access to.
  • To provide Role Models for the SHCC students, so they can see the benefits of a higher education first hand and have something to aspire to
  • To provide high quality education to the SHCC students, the University students will gain much knowledge and many new skills that they can use to educate the young generations
  • To hopefully open and staff a health clinic in Kro Bei Riel in the future.
  • To increase the chances of rural children and young adults finding paid employment within Siem Reap and in turn allowing them to break free from the cycle of poverty.
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